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There are many advantages to switching to a voice over IP service or phone system. The savings are the key reason this is currently a hot market. The About reference guide notes that you could save 40% on local calls and 90% on international calls. They also collected these features for VoIP:

Basic VoIP Features
* Caller ID
* Voicemail
* Fax
* 3-Way Calling
* Call Blocking
* Call Waiting
* Call Forwarding
* Caller ID With Name
* Last Number Re-dial
* 411 Directory
* Local Number Portability
* 911 Service

Advanced VoIP Features
* E911 Service
* Anonymous Call Block
* Change Phone Number
* Keep Number For Life
* PC to Phone Option
* Telemarketer Blocking
* Area Code Selection
* Contact Lists
* Enhanced Voicemail
* Line Unavailable Forward
* Repeat Dial if Busy
* Toll Free Numbers
* Call Transfer
* Distinctive Ringing
* Extra Virtual Numbers
* Multi-Ring
* Return Call
* Travel Globally
* Caller ID Blocking
* Do Not Disturb
* International Blocking
* Online Account Management
* Speed Dialing
* Unlimited to US/Canada

Navigating the huge market and complex offerings is difficult, even when you’ve put together an entire committee for the selection process. That is why AllVoipProviders exists. We are your guide to selecting the best system for your organization.